The business concept behind the ‘Unfound’ name

Unfound started out as a concept from where one of my mottos or statements is from “Being Unfound to becoming Found”. Now it’s a bit of a deeper concept to what one may think. However, it’s the concept for many years of not so much about myself, but maybe many other people around the world. The concept of being unfound is your business is not found, your dreams are not found your ideas are not found. I wanted to try and create this business model, this idea of taking the people who are unfound and helping them become found in their industry, in their respective field.

I created this concept from when I was actually on Instagram. I was continuously searching and looking through people’s photos, and I saw many, you know, many people’s photos, actually photographers who were always trying to get their pictures recognised through the use of hashtags and continuously liking other people’s posts and it came to me then, by them trying to get themselves found. My concept was there, they’re currently unfound and that’s where the unfound name came from. I created a page called Unfound Earth, which was to start trying to help people get their photos recognised to other users.
Eventually I started to come up with this concept of looking into what I came up with is the Unfound Group. From there, what I want to do is I want to create unfound epicentre, where unfound is the brand and the sub brands is what comes after the unfound name.
Currently I have Unfound Home, which is to find unfound homeware products which you don’t find very much on the market. Though it is not just to find products but to try and make the products more accessible to your everyday person through letting them be found again in different ways but also accessible price wise. I see that I have some products, which, yes, is known on some big retailers’ websites, but they are somewhat two to three times the price of what I’m retailing at. So that’s another thing I’ve been looking into.

I’m started on this business now venture, which is where I’m publishing this blog and consultancy site of Unfound Help which is the route I would prefer to go down and provide the help necessary for small businesses owners which need that extra push and spark in their daily operations.
Providing them assistance into their industry of knowing how to do things better. Why I say that is because I’ve seen many business owner’s struggle. I started out helping a lot of people for free. Simply because out of the will of good or good will; however, you want to say it. I don’t like to see people struggle in many aspects. Where possible that I can help in any small way, whether that means I put my prices lower to try and help more people on a bigger scale, I will do that.
I will at a minimum need to cover my costs, which is why unfortunately I have to charge people, though at low and reasonable pricing I believe that it is fair, but I question on whether people will believe the services are of true. Anything after my costs, I can put back into helping other people whether it be through my time as I have already been doing or through paying it forward. Again, I guess that’s the way I am. I always have been like that and I always will continue to be like that.

I was speaking to somebody the other day, and they were asking me about what I do and why I do it and do people not question why I offer at times free services to them. I said to them, I live by a motto of every day’s day to learn and tomorrow’s day to teach. What I mean by that is we ourselves always have to continuously be learning. We have to continuously learn new ways to better ourselves. But once we’ve done that, we have to teach other people what we have learnt through our knowledge of experiences through life. Because what’s the point in, you know, not living but what’s the point and taking that knowledge on for ourselves and be selfish with it but rather be selfless and pass it on to others as well. That is something I believe in, so that’s why I have the motto of “learn today, teach tomorrow”. It’s a continuous cycle of learning and teaching.
Why because then hopefully, the way of that teaching is, you teach someone that cycle of your way. Hopefully they take it on and pass it on to other people and it continues.
That’s my philosophy of Unfound and hopefully it catches on to other people, not just where I am, but everywhere else.

Thank you for reading the blog.

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